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You’ve saved for an age, found the property, got the mortgage agreed and have a hopeful exchange date on the calendar. Now then, is the time to think about home insurance. We’ve broken down exactly what you need to know.

Home insurance comes in two parts – buildings and contents. As a rough benchmark, if you could pick up your new house and turn it upside down, everything that stayed put, such as the walls, windows, and fitted kitchen, would qualify as buildings insurance and everything that fell out, such as your clothes, the carpets and the furniture, would come under contents insurance.

If you have a mortgage, it is likely to a condition of the mortgage that you have buildings insurance in place from exchange of contracts. As soon as you exchange contracts, you become legally bound and responsible for the property.  Buildings insurance will cover your home from such events as fire, flood and subsidence. Along with fires and floods, a good buildings insurance policy will protect your home against storm damage, subsidence, burst pipes and vandalism.

Our expert advisers will talk to you about the level of cover you require, including any valuable items, bikes etc., and will be able to find you the most appropriate cover available for your circumstances.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

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